Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Meet the artist behind Wolfgang and Rose

Artist Rose Miller created Wolfgang and Rose as an avenue
for her ‘creative sanity’ and to release the stresses of being a full time mum.

Tell us a bit about your business?
Wolfgang and Rose is made up of myself, Rose Miller, and my very faithful poodle muse Wolfgang. I am an Australian artist residing in Sydney, Australia. I guess my tagline would be “A busy mum who paints for creative sanity”.  I’ve been painting for over 10 years and Wolfgang and Rose is a brand that I have developed apart from my previous creative works. These particular paintings are playful and bright, with a strong design element, created in the fine art of oil painting. 

How did you develop Wolfgang and Rose?
I had worked successfully in the creative industry in the field of design and fine art for over a decade, 8 of them had been in Europe, which was truly amazing. Having always worked from my home studio, I thought it would be easy to continue working from home while raising my first child, but after 3 stressful years of trying to balance both roles, I decided to put my artistic career on hold and raise my children full time until they were all of school age.
When my youngest child was born last year, I felt that I really needed some kind of structured creative outlet. I couldn't go back to full time work, or commit to exhibiting in commercial galleries, but I still wanted to produce art while being at home. That’s when I decided to create “The Wolfgang and Rose Project”, where I had challenged myself to complete a painting every few weeks and track my progress through my corresponding blog. 
The hardest part of the challenge is actually finding the time to be creative, in contrast the actual painting part is relatively easy and straight forward!
These paintings were never intended to be exhibited or for sale, but after a few months and a few paintings later, I gained a following through my blog had the opportunity to start selling my original paintings and prints online.
These works are completely different from what I used to create in my previous artistic roles, but they are a true reflection of my current stage in life, hence the bright and playful themes. I paint to please myself, not for any gallery or art agency as I had done before. 
The Wolfgang and Rose Project is my own fun and creative way to release the daily stresses of being a full time mum, while also connecting to the outside world, as I am home bound most days of the week.

What inspires you in your designs?
My previous professional creative works were highly conceptual and even quite dark, so with my Wolfgang and Rose paintings I am totally free to create just for the sake of making something pretty without having to justify its purpose. I am now driven by colour, design and eye pleasing imagery. I am in happy place when I paint, so that is something that I want to be expressed in my artwork. I take inspiration form all types iconic design and fashion moments in history, mixing them up together to create a fresh contemporary palatable look. 

How would you like to see your business expand?
The Wolfgang and Rose Project was never meant to be a business, it was created as a form of stress release from the busy and chaotic life I lead as a full time Mum. I never expected it to blossom the way that it has, so I and am truly grateful of the support and exposure that I have been given. It would be impossible to paint more than I do now, given the limited time I have to actually paint, so I am just happy to keep painting these works that make me feel good, and hopefully inspire others to be creative in any situation that they are in.

Where can you be found?

Is there anything else you would like to add about your business?
Rose will be holding an Etsy Masterclass in Fashion Illustration in Watercolour May 17th at ‘The Workshop’ in Sydney, for details on the class please visit: 

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