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Glorious Timber by Christian Cole Furniture

Christian and Fiona Cole celebrate the natural
beauty of wood and create stunning pieces that
make a feature statement in any home

Tell us a little bit about your business
Christian Cole Furniture is a multi award winning company which manufactures and designs exquisite customised solid timber furniture and architectural cabinetry using recycled or F.S.C. Certified timber.
Made in Australia, all products are hand crafted using traditional joinery techniques. Christian Cole Furniture is dedicated to the preservation of the world’s environment and as such places a strong emphasis on the origins of the timber utilised in it’s business. Each piece is hand signed and dated and supported with a 25 Year Warranty.

Where do you source your beautiful homewares products? And what is important to you when selecting these amazing products?
We design and craft our own furniture and joinery. We also manufacture customised designs for both the residential and commercial sector.
Rather than buy our timber from merchants we choose to source our own timber from various means. Directly from the farmer who may have a dead long laying on their property or a bridge demolisher who is replacing an historical bridge.
We also retrieve timber from building sites when old buildings have been pulled down to make way for new dwellings. 

The beauty of that is that the timber is seasoned perfectly for furniture and architectural joinery and we then know the wonderful story behind each piece of wood. For example the timber we acquired from the demolished Goulburn Wool Store which was built during the second World War to house the wool used which was sent offshore to manufacture most of the worlds soldiers uniforms and blankets etc.

How did you develop your interest in timber?
Ironically prior to meeting we both loved working with timber furniture. Christian completing a furniture and cabinetry apprenticeship and myself buying second hand timber furniture and restoring it. Match made in heaven! Both of us love the outdoors and as children spent most of our time around nature.
Christian surfed, fished and travelled around Australia a great deal with his parents. He would collect driftwood from the beach and make stuff from it.
I on the other hand grew up on a farm and spent many weekends planting trees for plantations and climbing them and making tree houses. Watching the stock shelter under the large Red Gums and the smaller animals making their homes in the trunks of the trees. Maybe that is why I love timber so much?

Can you give us some hot tips for styling and selecting furniture?
Don’t be in a hurry and just buy something thinking, “That will do”. Be patient, do your research and decide upon something that you absolutely love and have a strong affinity with.
After all, you’re going to be sharing your home with it hopefully forever!
Keep the design simple, keeping in mind that circumstances in life change. People move house, families grow and become smaller. People’s tastes can change over time. Choose a design that will never date and will always have a functional place in your home.
We love sustainable sourced American Walnut. The colour is gorgeous and architecturally it lends itself to many home styles. For a lighter coloured, featured timber Wormy Chestnut is very popular.

Where do you shop for your homewares?
Christian won’t let me buy furniture...... “No Fee I can make that for you!” Arggghhhh. He does make me whatever I want when we have the time. I love natural materials and textures. I place a great deal of emphasis on quality and uniqueness therefore saving up for those special pieces.
It’s a huge bonus if I fall in love with something that is Australian designed and made. I do a great deal of my shopping online so Temple and Webster make regular deliveries to my
house. There are always amazing brands and deals available. I’m in love with French Flax Linen and “Miss Molly” sell online.
Diptique candles are my guilty pleasure. “Kleins Perfumery” in Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy are great for all candles and diffusers etc. I’ve left the best until last...... drum roll!!!!
Safari Living in High Street Prahran. I love, love, love it. They have a great online shop also.

Tell us about yourself
Both of us are very basic and have very basic needs. Christian never stops! His mind is always planning his next venture. We live for our two young sons! Max who is 11 and Will who is 8. They are both quite artistic and are forever creating “things”.
We spend as much time as possible with each other. Each of us loves growing things and gardening, cooking and eating fresh food. We have chickens, vegie gardens, and a fruit orchard at our factory.
We are converting a 40 foot school bus into a motor home. Naturally there is some magnificent timber joinery being carried out. We are going with a Scandinavian theme because it is generally light in weight. We can go wherever we like then. Yay.

What inspires you in your designs?
More often than none the actual timber itself. We look at the amount of grain, colour and dimensions and try to design something that will showcase those unique qualities ultimately. We are both very practical people so how the piece is to be used will also determine a great deal about how it will look aesthetically. If it is a commissioned piece then obviously the client’s home and personal taste will influence us. We love experimenting with new joinery techniques for both ingenuity and for originality. I think that has contributed to a proportion of our success. Symmetry and balance are big factors also.


What is your favorite trend at the moment?
Timber! We are so pleased that the uniqueness and warmth of timber is making its way back into people’s homes. Both architecturally and in stand-alone pieces of furniture. Having said that we are not big on “trend”. Personally if something is in trend we will diverge away from it designs wise. Trend can hide people’s true identities and that’s a shame.

Where can you be found?
Our factory/showroom is at 5 Dairy Drive Coburg Vic 3058. Mon - Fri 9.00am - 4.00pm. Or by appointment.
03 9350 3327. Mob 0412 308 434 302 Moreland Road Brunswick Vic 3056
Fri - Sat 10am - 5pm or by appointment.

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