Monday, 8 September 2014

A Boy Named Aaron

An obsession with anchors led Aaron Darcy to forge
himself a business - A Boy Named Aaron - where he creates
decorative tribal anchors and prayer tribes

Tell us a bit on how A Boy Named Aaron began?
On a continuous search to combine all my skills, I'd always wanted to build a brand of my own; so naturally my label 'A Boy Named Aaron' came about.

Tell us about yourself and your background?
I have always been creative. From a young boy growing up I'd always get my hands on something that I could make or create. I studied creative arts and
design at school and also took on a course in photography which I really enjoyed. My creative freedom was at a peak, dabbling in taking photos and developing
them in the dark room, painting and sculpting - all made a foundation for where I am today. Countless hours of research and trial and error using computer based
graphic programmes have become a part of my mixed media art techniques that I use today.

Where do you get your inspiration from to create your collection?
Having an appreciation for old school sailor tattoos and art, I've had an obsession with anchors for some time. My first part of my collection began with the anchor,
which I mashed with tribal; naming these pieces Anchor Tribes. I find tribal design aesthetically inspirational - simple and effective. My home surroundings are rustic
and neutral; so as simple an idea I worked hard on evolving the anchor design to become the staple to my range. I have introduced a couple of other hand sculpted items in to
a collection I entitled 'The Hunting Sailor'; including Hunter Tribe arrows, Warrior Tribe skulls and Prayer Tribe crosses. My colour palette concepts are drawn from
nature, love & life. I'm so proud of each and every piece I create, it's truly gratifying.

What processes are involved in creating your pieces?
Initially my pieces begin from a powder and water mixed to create a paste, that is the plaster which will soon become form. Every hand cast piece is hand finished
and refined using carving knives. I experiment with techniques to apply painted effects using oil and water based paints creating a unique finish. Some pieces have
several layers of painted finishes to achieve a desired end result. The next phase is assembly - the part I enjoy the most. Possibilities are endless and I'm always
coming up with new ideas. I use natural findings such as ropes, cotton twines, recycled material and of coarse feathers which I carefully hand select. Some of my
creations also include intricate drilling, beading and final detailing including illustration work.

Take us through a normal day for A Boy Named Aaron.
Like many, my morning will not begin without caffeine. Coffee is my wake up call and without it I just don't function! Depending on day, I schedule different parts
of production during the week to maintain a continual production line. Some days it's full on casting and finishing, others is painting and preparing materials. Music
is a large motivation, I enjoy listing to uplifting tracks to keep things moving. I set time aside for taking styled photography and sharing them with my followers on
social media and introducing new pieces to my online store. Every day comes to an end with ensuring not a moment is wasted by leaving paint or castings to dry;
followed by clean up. I like to have a tidy workspace ready for the next day - I'm a little fastidious, everything has a place.

What is your favourite item in your store right now and why?
I have really enjoyed developing my Anchor Tribe Rosary pieces. Each has a great level of detail put in to them by hand decorating and then including a hand-strung
rosary of beads which I have experimented to include other specialty beads. What makes these pieces really special is that you can hang them using the included hook
on the reverse or the rosary itself.

You like to travel. Where has been your best source of inspiration for your work and why?
I do enjoy to travel. Thankfully I have had the opportunity to visit many parts of the world. Sharing culture and life and experiencing tradition and how others live
is truly inspirational in it's own.  There is no particular place that inspired me to create my collection, more an overall appreciation for art itself & learning techniques
from artisans around the world. I have a broad love of art from street to traditional carving work.

What’s next for A Boy Named Aaron?
Recently I have adopted a new space to set up a studio & workshop, which is really exciting. I'm just settling in at the moment so like all things this space will evolve
and soon become a hub for all my creative work. I have also revisited my jewellery collection working with brass and other semi-precious beads, so there are lots of
new exciting ventures waiting ahead; not to mention I'm looking at working with textile and producing a lot more of my original mixed media art pieces.

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