Sunday, 26 July 2015


With a passion for painting and animals it was an obvious choice
for Daniella Lo Presti to create her own masterpieces

Can you tell us about yourself and your background?
 Hi, I’m Daniella, also known to many as Dee! I am an artist / designer based in Melbourne running my own small business called For Me By Dee. Creating is what I love to do! I have a passion for painting and as you have no doubt noticed, a passion for painting animals! I completed a Bachelor in Communication & Design, which led to five years experience in the corporate advertising world. A turn of events (call it fate) led me to start my own business and I could not be more grateful! When I’m not painting or set up at a market (which at the moment is most of the time) you will find me travelling or dreaming up the next place to travel. The aim is to one day combine the too and travel whilst painting, or vice versa!

What sparked you to begin your own business?

Since I can remember I have wanted to run my own business, I guess I just never knew what or how? In late 2013 I started a series of coaching sessions, which inspired me to start doing what I loved, painting and creating! By the end of my coaching sessions my team at my corporate job was made redundant.
I saw this as the perfect opportunity to begin my own business and For Me By Dee was created.

Tell us a bit about your artwork?

 I paint animals! It’s funny a lot of people assume I am a crazy animal lover and own 14 cats and 12 dogs but this is not quite the case. I do like animals, but what I enjoy most about them is their unique character. I love capturing this as best I can in my artwork and translating it into products ......


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