Sunday, 26 July 2015


the artwork stylist

Entrepreneurial sisters, Sara and Amy Chamberlain have
curated a selection of stylish, calm and enigmatic limited edition graphic
and photographic works collaborating with Australian artists

A bit about The Artwork Stylist and how it was formed? 
The Artwork Stylist is an exciting new concept seeking to resolve the dilemma of blank walls within homes, office spaces and cultural environments. An online store, The Artwork Stylist offers a range of art that is exclusive and limited in production with only 50 existing prints of each work.
Stylish, calm and enigmatic the ranges of works available are carefully curated in collaboration with graphic and photographic Australian artists.
The Artwork Stylist is the brain child of sisters Sara and Amy Chamberlain founders of The Real Estate Stylist. The entrepreneurial, creative and savvy sisters formed The Artwork Stylist after being frustrated at not been able to afford high quality photographic artwork and large scale graphics.
They have purchased over 250 pieces of artwork in the last two years and we saw a huge a gap for this in the styling and home decorating market.

Can you tell us about your backgrounds? 

Sara is an advertising professional who has worked in retail, interior design and editorial styling. Amy experienced a career change from being a prep teacher. Although was heavily involved in the interiors of the classroom and attended a research project in Italy to learn about the impacts of the interior environment on learning.

How do you select the right artist, photographer or designers for your collection? What are you looking for? 

When looking for our photographers we are seeking a clean and punchy style with subjects that can easily work back to private interiors.
Sometimes photography as an art form is best in commercial spaces or gallery environments and we wanted to use images that were suitable for the everyday decorating. Our photographers aesthetic is contemporary, composed, highly skilled and captures images with personality.



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