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Incorporate bold graphic patterns with fabrics, cushions and artwork. To soften the look,
add a touch of warmth with some gorgeous wooden furniture or even a sheepskin rug.
Image credit: Norsu Interiors. Photo by Lisa Cohen.
Styling by Jacqui Moore & Julia Green from Greenhouse Interiors


The Scandinavian style interior trend is so popular right now and works equally as well for children’s rooms and nurseries as it does for gorgeous living rooms.
Scandi style is uncluttered yet lived in, drawing together a mix of unique finds, stylishly offset against a clean blank background. The style appears effortless and can easily lend itself to colour themes you currently have in your home making it an easy update and a great flow with the rest of the house.
Nurseries and children’s rooms can be beautiful effortless neutral, cool monochrome or even gorgeous soft pastels. There is no limit to the colour palettes you can have with this style. Getting it right means paring back and starting with a neutral paint, preferably white or a soft grey and lots of it!
My favourite thing about the Scandi style? It is beautifully refined but also warm and inviting which means the room can grow with your child and won’t need much redecorating as they get older.

Top Design Tips on how to achieve the Scandi style:
1. Start with a white canvas: Think white walls even white floors. Bright white is the colour of choice in Scandinavian & Nordic design. Painted white floorboards are a simple and cost-effective way to create a Scandi kids room.
2. Geometry: Geometric patterns and designs are huge in the Scandinavian trend. You can introduce this through Artwork, Fabrics, Lighting, and Decorative pieces. Adds an element of fun to your children’s room.
3. Add a Splash of Colour: Scandinavian Design is known for being playful and fun. The colour can be bright pops or lovely muted tones. Add in Artwork and Prints, Cushions, Throws, Rugs and Decorative pieces. The canvas might be white, but the colour is bright in with these items to give the room a bit more warmth and play. Let your children help choose the pops of colour to use to give them a sense of importance in helping design their room.
4. Graphic & Typography: There is a strong presence of graphic prints and black and white typographic artworks in Scandinavian interior design. Think cool verses or extra large numbers and letters. Alphabets can be learnt with ease!
5. Something Wooden: It is rare that you will find a Scandinavian design without the feature of wood used. The wood helps to create a sense of warmth and organic texture in the home and helps balance the bright white base and stop it from being too cold.
6. Layered Textures: Mix it up and layer the natural textures. Think rugs, large knitted cushions, sheepskins, and luscious throws and blankets.
7. Let the Light In: Natural light is an important inclusion in Nordic design. Keep window dressings refined and let the light in! Keep all light fixtures simple, modern and minimalistic.
8. Keep it Simple: In Nordic Design the key pieces of furniture must have clean and simple lines and must also be a neutral colour. Look for simple style beds and cots in natural woods. Remember that simplicity is the key, so bring your colours and textures through in the use of accessories. 

These rooms all combine the core elements of Scandi style: muted colours and plenty of natural materials and textures with some more playful elements. I think you’ll agree they are the perfect rooms to encourage creativity and stimulate young minds! The Scandinavian & Nordic trend continues to provide endless inspiration for creating timeless, welcoming interiors, whatever your age. Have fun decorating your children’s rooms with this on-trend theme today.
For a quintessential Scandi look, opt for a black and white colour scheme with elements of wood. I love the black-and-white theme here, which allows the unusual touches in this room to really stand out and that black wall is so striking. The room is not cold with the gorgeous layers.
Image credit: Norsu Interiors. Photo by Lisa Cohen.
Styling by Jacqui Moore & Julia Green from Greenhouse Interiors
Inject an instant dose of Nordic cool like this pared back boys room and nursery as seen in
Channel 9’s Reno Rumble as designed by Carly and Leighton. I love the simple addition of the house bed, the simple colour palette and all of the little details.
Image credit: Reno Rumble, Channel 9   Styling: Carly and Leighton
Simplicity is key to Scandi interiors, and this monochrome bedroom keeps things restrained but still manages to make a big impact! The use of furniture pieces that are synonymous with the look such as the replica Eames DAW chair and the Componibili Modular for Kartell bedside plus Lego storage cubes
help give it the scandi edge.
Image credit: Young Folk. Photo by Richard Lee. Styling by Melissa Lee

Melissa Lee: Melissa, an Interior stylist from Young Folk absolutely
loves well-designed and stylish spaces for children to dream in play in and create in and her designs cover all ages from nurseries through to teenage retreats.

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