Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Photography: Citizens Of Style, Lynden Foss
Stylist: Tahnee Carroll

Miniature boat builder, Elise Cameron-Smith shapes timber
with love and care - set sail and travel on her journey

Tell us a bit about your business?
I found myself in a business of story telling and creativity. I make Miniature Boats and other fun things!

Tell us about yourself and your background?
I’m 25 years old, I’m currently living in Stanwell Park in a beautiful creative house with my beautiful friends. I love to wake up well before the sunrises, and go to bed really early like a granny haha..
I collect painted portraits of ladies, now I have eight.
I’ve moved ten times in the past three years, and am coming up to the longest amount of time in one house (two more weeks to go!) It’s nice to be in one place.
I’m obsessed with all things ocean, and my life really revolves around it. I love looking at the moon and tracking its cycle. My free time is usually spent on road trips up and down the coast, surfing and camping. I like going places where you can still have a fire.
I’m learning to sail, and its amazing and really hard I studied Design (Enmore Design Centre) and then Fine Furniture Making (Sturt school For Wood)
After my furniture making course I completed a traineeship with Leon Sadubin and have worked for my self ever since.

What sparked you to create your business?
I really vibe off birds, they are really amazing animals and I get super excited when I find feathers. I also really love boats, and the romantic notion of the open sea.. I make little boats that look a little bit like birds, but only if you look closely!
Each boat is unique with its own name and adventure, it’s a sculpture and a story all in one.
I really want to add as much positivity, joy and fun into my work as possible. There’s sooo much SERIOUSNESS in the art/design world.
What was really exciting was when people jumped on board the Miniature Boat movement and now I can’t keep up!


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