Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Michael Budworth and Amanda Barrett forge together
organic pieces which shine with their imperfections

Tell us a bit about Earth and Baker? 
Our little business is quite new, starting in January 2015. It would be safe to say it is also a part time business as Mandy and myself have full time jobs outside the world of ceramics which can be challenging at times. We are a two man band, both making the ceramics with our individual styles. Mandy’s forte is foraging and sourcing all the textures, materials and fabrics we use and I tend to manage the business and marketing side of things. We make one off pieces with no two exactly alike and strive for a organic, imperfectly perfect finish on our work.

Tell us about yourselves and your backgrounds? 
We met 14 years ago working in a Hairdressing salon together, which Mandy still does as a profession. I on the other hand left the scissors and pursued a career in the airline industry which I have now called my job for the past 8 years. From the beginning of our relationship we have both shared a passion for collecting vintage ceramics which in turn led us to begin pottery classes together. We also love midcentury architecture, art, food, wine and all things nature.

What sparked you to create your business? 
To be honest Earth and Baker grew out of demand rather than intention. We had been potting for some time when we decided to share our work on Instagram. This first led to enquiries, then orders and then before we knew it we were registering a business. We now have a little home studio in Burleigh Heads with magnificent views of the coast. 

What processes are involved in creating your pieces?
We both thoroughly enjoy hand building, in particular slab rolling with stoneware clay bodies, so this makes up for the bulk of our work. The process begins usually with fabric and then the piece will be made accordingly, to compliment its textures and design. Once hand formed and bisque fired we apply a variety of organic glazes to enhance the original design. Our stoneware then goes in for its second firing and our fingers are now crossed. Start to finish for us is usually a two week process.


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