Monday, 3 August 2015


Monique Plunkett embraced her personal connection to gardening creating Staghorn, discover more and learn her top tips for successful indoor plants

Tell us about yourself and your background? 
You could say I’m a bit of an adventurous creative, having travelled up and down the east coast of Australia. I grew up in Canberra and since lived in Brisbane, Sydney, The Central Coast, NSW and now settled in Melbourne for the last 3 years.
Having a creative drive led me to work as graphic designer early on, but I never felt like it was quiet the right for me. In my mid twenties I needed to slow down due to illness and saw it as an opportunity to study horticulture and try my hand at working outside which thankfully was exactly what I needed. Over the years I’ve worked in the landscaping industry in sales, marketing, garden and balcony design and even had my own textiles label, Elkhorn.

What inspired you to create Staghorn? 
It’s definitely something that I’ve wanted to do for years, since I began studying horticulture in 2006. I’ve always been most happy and inspired when I’m outside creating and amongst plants. While I love the connection people have with plants and the way we interact with them on daily basis and bring them into our lives… without realising it or not plants play an integral part of our wellbeing and make a space more productive and the air cleaner. I wanted to help make it possible for everyone’s spaces to be greener and happier.
Even when I named my textiles business Elkhorn (one of my favourite plants) I named it in view of incorporating plant design into the business, which I did dabble in over that time.
Over the last couple of years I could see plants really building momentum in the design/interior world and thought there’s really no better time to start my journey into the plant world again Hence the beginning of Staghorn.

Where did your love of gardening come from? 
My parents always loved being out in the garden so I guess it was a natural part of my life from an early age. While I always loved spending time in my grandparent’s garden on the central coast, it was a place that instantly transported to another world.
My Mana had a garden full of exotic flowering plants from Camellias, gardenias and Dahlias and Pop being a collector had an abundance of potted plants under a big pine tree where he would grow Cymbidium orchids, Zygocactus and spider plants etc all the great old fashion plants that are beginning to have a resurgence now.


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