Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Abstract artist Michael Bond, is a self-taught artist who embraces vibrant colour
and gains his inspiration from natural beauty in nature

 Can you tell us about yourself and your background?
Born in Melbourne, living in Brisbane, hairdresser by trade, it was only two years ago that I changed my path, taking a bold move to pursue my passion for painting. I decided to spread my wings and see where my artwork would take me. In the beginning when I decided to put myself out to the world, I had a very strong vision in mind and I could see the pathway before me. I felt that if I stayed positive and true to myself, my dream would one day come true!
I am a self taught artist and enjoy the freedom to express myself through my work. I enjoy the solitude, being absorbed in the creative process. When I paint, I am free in my own world. There have been many hurdles, bumps and obstacles along the way and many times feeling that this is just too hard and I could just go back to the old way, but I kept my headspace positive and everyday continue to move forward.

What sparked you to begin your own business?
There came a point where my passion for art far outweighed anything else that I wanted to do with my life. Having never been tested by the public as to whether my work was ‘good’, I made the decision to turn to social media. This was daunting at the time as I had never publicly exhibited my work.

What techniques do you use to create your art?
In having no formal training, I have learnt to employ many different techniques when creating my artwork - intuition guides me in creating the overall piece. For a long time, I worried about the right or wrong technique that should be employed to create my artwork, until an artist colleague of mine enlightened me that there is actually no right or wrong way!

What inspires you in your design?
Many of my designs are inspired by the natural beauty of nature that surround me in my everyday life. A walk along the beach or a day at the park can inspire my design. For example; the simple colour and form found in a rock pool can spark an idea.

Favourite Artwork and Biggest Highlight?
My favourite artwork I have completed is ‘Mirage’ as it encapsulates the beauty of nature in its entirety.
From beginning to end, this piece of artwork thoroughly reflected my calm state of mind onto the canvas. Being asked to donate a piece of work for the “Peace of Art Auction” (held at Fenton & Fenton), has been a major achievement as I was honoured to support this worthy cause.
Having my artwork recognised and sold through leading Australian Interior Design stores has reassured me that my dream is alive and coming to fruition.

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