Thursday, 24 September 2015


Earth-friendly coconut wax and pure copper
candles are essential to any homes ambience

The Cocolux Australia is a fusion of stylish product design, eco-conscience candle making and wistful art direction. The essence of glamorous coastal living, Cocolux candles were created and are poured on the NSW Central Coast by friends, Meisha Styrkowski and Natasha Nicholson, who share a love for earthy, yet luxurious, modern homewares and interior design.
Bringing coconut wax and pure copper together for the first time, Cocolux Australia launches with six fragranced candles in two collections, Sol and Luna.

Cocolux candles are scented with the finest fragrances and hand poured from clean burning coconut wax. Organic by nature, coconut wax is made by cold pressing and hydrogenating its raw material - the protected coconut flesh. Unlike many other waxes, production is sustainable and free from toxins, the use of pesticides and the need for deforestation.
The copper vessel was designed with purpose to be re-used as vase, container or planter. Stunning in the home, polished or verdigris - copper’s oxidised, natural patina, copper’s glamorous lustre will add a little ‘lux’ to any stylish interior.
A Cocolux candle makes the perfect gift that lasts a lifetime, long after the candle has burned. The smooth white wax, signature re-usable solid copper vessel and fashion-forward textured banana-leaf print packaging position this new and covetable candle company aside from the crowd.

COCOLUX ~ where design and luxury
meet Mother Nature.
Coco referring to coconut
Lux meaning light in latin

earth’s light by day
Wild Frangipani infused in coconut wax
Sweet Pomegranate & Acai infused
in coconut wax
Grapefruit & Lemongrass infused
in coconut wax

earth’s light by night
Tonka Bean & Lime Zest infused
in coconut wax
Tropical Gardenia infused in coconut wax
Island Fig, Cassis & Peach infused
in coconut wax

FREE from Paraffin wax | FREE from Palm wax & oil | FREE from Soy wax
We have two new fragrances - Exotic Amber & Spice, in the Luna collection, and Bergamot, Lily and Moss, in the Sol collection. Both of these have a unisex appeal!

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