Thursday, 1 October 2015


Carly Buteux packs a punch with her fun and quirky ceramic
pieces that are both stylish and functional

Tell us a bit about It’s A Public Holiday?
Public holiday is a growing brand focused on fun and functional ceramic pieces, made for everyday life.

Tell us about yourself and your background?
I have always been a very visual and tactile person. From typography to crochet I like to push my own boundaries as well as the common conventions of materials and the part they play in daily interactions.
My background is quite multidisciplinary with roots firmly in the graphic industry, a degree in visual communication and a masters based around materiality in design.
Through this I am consistently looking to explore new materials, expand my skill base and stay in a constant state of experimentation and play. Recently I’ve been working on the relationship of leather with the clay vessel.

What sparked you to create your business?
After a year or so of experimenting with clay, it’s complex form giving properties and physical outlet of expression, I began creating pieces for friends, for friends of friends and eventually for strangers.
With this dedicated and growing following I was inspired to further share this new found messy love with the greater creative community.

What processes are involved in creating your pieces?
All of public holiday’s pieces are made by hand and undergo several processes in their creation. Each ceramic piece starts with a lump of clay and is finished in a stoneware firing. The process in between varies depending on the piece but can be hand formed on the wheel, hand built, extruded and decorated. Whether its patterning with oxides, wax painting or experimental glaze techniques, each piece is individual and unique in its creation. Other materials such as leather also include processes like weaving, burnishing and hand stamping. Each and every part of public holiday is hands on and made with the intent of bringing appreciation to the simple moments in life.

What inspires you in your designs? 
My designs are often inspired by my surroundings. Time spent in nature, with friends, and from the visual culture and landscape that surround my daily interactions. Coming from a very visual background I am especially drawn to patterns, shape and repetition.
Inspiration seems to come to me when I least expect it and mostly when I’m on the move – watching the world from a train window, rambling through the bush, on the way to work.
I often photograph patterns and textures from within my environment (whether that be the tessellated patterns of a rock pool or the tile detailing on a café floor) to save for visual reference at a later date, I suppose this visual referencing is something I’ve acquired from my many years in the design field.

What do you love the most about having your own label?
The fun, the freedom of expression, and the thrill of a fresh firing.
Who are some of your favourite designers? I admire so many talented individuals from such a diverse range of disciplines. Olfafur Eliasson and his amazing sculptural installations with light.
Genevieve Griffiths and her complex use of form and texture in woven textiles.
Josephine Noel of recreation centre and her beautiful rubber dipped ceramic creations, the illustration and tattoos of Stefan Marx and the crystallized sculptural work of Kyle Montgommery. The list goes on and on.

What is your favourite item in your store right now and why?
I’d have to say that my leggy planters take the prize as favourite at the moment. Each one is so individual and embodies a personality that is fun to pair with your favorite houseplant. One of mine currently has a very hairy ‘old man of the Andes’ cactus in it that brings back a childhood connection to the ‘muppets’.

What has been your biggest highlight? 
My biggest highlight so far has been the rewarding process of growing this brand from the ground up. Everyday I am excited for the opportunities ahead. I have been so lucky to have a support system of amazing creatives around me, who have offered advice, love and helping hands throughout it all.
Also working with the team at the Finders Keepers Markets and some incredibly talented and supportive retail stores has been an outstanding experience. I find it so rewarding to be a part of a close knit community of designers, makers and retailers who really embrace and appreciate the handmade aesthetic.

What are your plans for the future?
Public Holiday is still a very new adventure and is constantly expanding and growing.
The continued exploration into all the possibilities the ceramic medium has to offer, as well as furthered creation of new experimental pieces with various complimentary materials are definitely key objectives moving forward.
I would also really like to initiate some collaborative projects with like-minded individuals in the coming year.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your business?
I didn’t choose the muglife – the muglife chose me.

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