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Photography: Hannah Blackmore

Anna Harrison from The Balcony Garden chats
about their designer pots for the savvy gardener plus
landscaping design services

Tell us a bit about The Balcony Garden?
The Balcony Garden is one of Sydney’s largest distributors of garden pots and planters.
Since 2006 The Balcony Garden has been designing garden pots that compliment modern gardens and architecture.
We have a range of lightweight garden pots specifically suited to balcony and rooftop gardens. As well as a range of ceramic feature pots and Thai style urns suited to classic and contemporary landscape design.

Tell us about yourself and your background?
I come from a corporate background, working in product
marketing for over 5 years for various companies including 3M and Nespresso. Following my wedding in 2013 I decided to join my husband’s landscaping business and embark on a landscape design diploma and have never looked back.

What inspired you to create The Balcony Garden?
In its infancy The Balcony Garden was predominantly a design business focusing on small spaces however over time as we experienced difficulty finding stylish and contemporary pots it seemed like the obvious next step – to start selling our own.

Where did your love of gardening come from?
I think working in a corporate environment where you’re locked indoors all the time all I wanted to do was get outdoors. My husband and I spend most our weekends pottering around the garden in the sun – I just love it.

What services does The Balcony Garden provide?
We’re predominantly a garden pot distributor however we are also offer a design service for larger projects.

What are your top 3 gardening tips?
• Install an automatic timber operated irrigation system, this takes away all the guesswork and means less maintenance!
• Take care when selecting plants and be sure to choose varieties suited to your gardens conditions e.g. aspect, soil type, shade
• Always plant your plants in a high quality potting mix and fertilise regularly, particularly leading into Spring as this is the time your plants will grow the most.

What are your favourite plants at the moment and why?
My favourite at the moment for outdoors is Crassula ovata ‘Blue Bird’, I love the colour tones and natural shape of the plant – it also works perfectly in almost all our pots.

Photography: Hannah Blackmore

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